Do you want less effort when editing specifications and quality agreements?
Would you like to simplify filling out your product information in the specification and quality agreement?
Do you need a help in the product description, taking into account legal requirements and this in different languages?
Do you know the characteristics of your purchased raw materials (e.g. chemical-physical properties, allergen, use of nanotechnology)?
Do you want to make discoverable your products worldwide in multiple languages for potential customers?

We provide you the solution with the following benefits:

✔ Product specification and quality agreement templates in 7 languages
✔ Create your personalized product specifications and quality agreements with your own logo
✔ Automatic transfer of your product specifications data in the quality agreement of your customers
✔ Automatic transfer of data from the quality agreement in your product specification
✔ More than 40,000 terms in 7 languages for an automatic translation of your information
✔ All food additives (E-numbers) in 7 languages stored in database
✔ Automatic calculation of the nutritional values of your recipes
✔ Your products in up to 7 languages worldwide discoverable for potential customers (if desired)
✔ Traceability thanks to documents version number and PDF creation

…and all this for free!